Arsenal's Arsene Wenger could choose to take a general manager role

LONDON -- Arsene Wenger has not ruled out becoming general manager of a club when his Arsenal reign ends, but said he currently sees another managerial job as his preferred choice.

On Thursday, Wenger said he had received more offers than he expected after announcing that he will step down as Arsenal boss at the end of the season.

Asked what kind of role he would be interested in, he said: "That's what I have to decide. I have not made the decision, so at the moment I would say yes [I want to stay in management].

"But maybe with distance I will think: 'No, maybe it's a time to change a little bit of direction.' Honestly, I can't give you an answer. I don't know.

"But I enjoy going out there every day, of course. You know I didn't miss a training session in 22 years, I never stayed in my office. Every day I was out there. That is something that I will miss."

Wenger has been linked with a move to Paris Saint-Germain as general manager, with his former Arsenal player Emmanuel Petit saying the French club would be interested.

He has a long-standing relationship with PSG chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi because of his work with broadcaster beIN SPORTS.

"When he was a young boy and he started in his job, I was his first contract, his first signing," Wenger said.

"So that's why we have a good relationship and I was always with beIN, but that doesn't influence any football decisions."

Wenger, 68, said he hoped he can continue working "as long as I feel I want to" but added: "Overall, people look at your age and make an issue of it. It becomes a bit [of] discrimination.

"They don't really look at how you work and perform. I can understand that, as I thought the same when I was young."

Asked whether he might spend some time on the beach before embarking on his next job, he joked: "I don't look good on the beach."

Wenger said he would like to see the new Arsenal manager keep at least some of his backroom staff on board, saying: "Of course people who come in also want their own staff, that's about finding the right adjustment.

"Personally, I always tried to have a local person who knows the culture, who knows the habits, the tradition, and makes sure you don't make the mistakes. But that's not my decision."