Barcelona star Neymar 'affected' by ongoing legal troubles

Barcelona star Neymar says he has been affected by the legal issues that have followed him since his arrival at the Nou Camp.

Neymar, 23, is due in a Madrid court on Tuesday to give evidence in a case brought by Brazilian third-party investment fund DIS, who feel they were cut out of the controversial transfer which brought the player to Barca from Santos in summer 2013.

The players' parents are due to give evidence on Tuesday by video-conference, while Barcelona's current president Josep Maria Bartomeu and predecessor Sandro Rosell are expected at the Audencia Nacional court on Monday.

The case is just one of a number of ongoing legal investigations into the complex deal -- with tax authorities in both Spain and Brazil also looking at alleged irregularities in what took place.

Neymar told Globo TV that while his his father wanted him to just focus on playing his football, this was proving difficult.

"When the issue starts to affect your family, it affects you a bit," the Brazil captain said. "It worries you. However, I am a guy who God has given the power to be focused in what I like to do, which is play football.

"I focus just on doing what I have to do. My father just wants me to focus on playing and on the ball. When you see the person you love being attacked, suffering, people saying things which are not true... then it hurts you. Before speaking without knowledge, telling lies, you must present proof."

This week's court case has been taken by DIS as the Brazil-based investment fund is angry at how the 2013 transfer was structured. Prior to the move, they "owned" 40 percent of Neymar's rights when he was at Santos, so they feel they were due 40 percent of the full transfer fee paid.

However, the deal was done in such a way for the "official" fee to have been just €17 million, not the €83m in total eventually paid -- with most of the extra monies being described as various different payments to Neymar and his family, but not part of the actual transfer itself.

Back in 2013, DIS received just €6.8m [40 percent of €17m], however they feel they are due around €33m in total [40 percent of €83m].

Neymar Sr. said in the same Globo interview that he wanted the whole thing cleared up "as soon as possible" without detailing how exactly that might happen.

"We want to put an end to this situation," he said. "It is the time to say 'enough'. If they're looking for attention, they will get it. We want to put an end to this case and we will do that. We will clear up this issue for once and for all. I wanted the courts to resolve it, but we are tired of this already and want it all cleared up as quickly as possible."

Even if the DIS case is settled, there are still investigations over alleged tax evasion ongoing in Brazil and Spain, however Neymar Sr. said there was no evidence such wrongdoing had taken place.

"There is nothing against us," he said. "The judge has called us to know about Neymar's transfer. If we have made a mistake, there is no problem, but to accuse us of tax evasion I think the red lines have already been crossed."