Jose Mourinho swore at Roberto Martinez following loss

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho swore in a clash with Everton boss Roberto Martinez following his club's loss at Goodison Park on Saturday.

Mourinho was frustrated at having to wait to conduct his postmatch news conference because Martinez was speaking in the media room first, and the Liverpool Echo released an audio clip of the incident on Monday.

After finishing his news conference, Martinez left the room and was speaking to other reporters outside when Mourinho walked past on his way in.

"Roberto, next time tell me go before you because we have to travel,'' Mourinho said.

"We don't control that, Jose; I don't control that,'' Martinez replied.

It is at this point that Mourinho swore as he continued his way into the media room.

There is no rule in place that demands that the away manager should be the first to speak to the media after a Premier League fixture.

The Premier League rule book shows that the only existing requirements are that a postmatch news conference must take place, and that each club must ensure that their manager attends, not the order in which they do so.

Beyond its official rules, under the guidance section, the handbook reads that "The Match Manager will determine and manage the order in which interviews... will take place and communicate this in the week leading up to the League Match", but this relates to broadcast commitments, and not Saturday's issue between Mourinho and Martinez, which surrounded the order in which they spoke to the written press.

Mourinho was accompanied by Chelsea's head of communications and public affairs Steve Atkins.

As Mourinho sat down to speak to the press, there was a hint of frustration as Atkins first said a few words to reporters.

He said: "OK, if we could get going quickly that would be great. It is only going to be about five minutes long.

"We had to wait for the home manager to go first and all the players are on the bus, so we are going to be quick.''

Chelsea were beaten 3-1 by Everton, a result that left the Premier League champions with just four points from their first five games of the new season.