Eden Hazard playing less for Chelsea will help his Euro 2016 form - father

Eden Hazard's father has suggested that periodic breaks for his son in the Chelsea side will benefit the Belgian at the 2016 European Championship.

Thierry Hazard said he understood Eden's need to perform for his club, but felt that being left out of the squad -- as he was in a 2-1 Champions League loss to Porto -- would leave the 24-year-old feeling fresher for the continental tournament in France next summer.

"Every cloud has a silver lining," Thierry Hazard said in The Times. "If he plays less, he would arrive less tired at the Euros, which he is so keen on playing because it takes place in his back garden [France], with his own watching.

"Eden plays since the age of 16 years in the first team. In almost six years, he has never been suspended or suffered a big injury. You have to put things in perspective. Each year he sets new goals that he makes a real point of achieving.

"Personally, he is conscious of having to improve his stats. His strength lies in knowing exactly where he is at, but never gets overwhelmed: he does not purposely miss a penalty."

Eden Hazard has acknowledged his own lack of form so far this season. But despite being benched in favour of younger players, he still has the support of his manager Jose Mourinho, who recently called the young Belgian the best player in England.

Hazard's father says the pressure he feels from fans, teammates and his coach does not bother his son.

"Eden takes it well," Thierry Hazard said. "He plays, he works and fun is still there. He is only missing -- but it makes for a lot -- success."

Belgium trail Wales by one point in European Qualifying Group B, but both teams are poised to advance with just two matches remaining barring any major surprises.

Eden Hazard and his Belgium teammates face Andorra away on Oct. 10, and host Israel on Oct. 13 in their bid to reach the finals.

Belgium coach Marc Wilmots has said Kevin De Bruyne will be given the playmaker role against Andorra, with Hazard and Nacer Chadli in supporting roles and no defensive midfielder.

"Kevin can accelerate the play, he can score and he can set up goals for others. I'll have two midfielders playing in support of De Bruyne," Wilmots said.

"I've told my players we are not going to play the long ball like we did against Cyprus [in last month's 1-0 away win]. I want short passes over the field. That will be our approach to the game."