Fans' groups to discuss possible mass walkout in Premier League

Fans' groups of multiple Premier League teams will meet to discuss a possible mass walkout in protest to rising ticket prices, the Football Supporters' Federation says.

The plan comes after about 10,000 Liverpool fans protested a new ticket pricing scheme for next season by walking out of the club's match on Saturday in the 77th minute.

Arsenal were also forced to scrap a surcharge after fans reacted angrily to a plan that would have seen season ticket holders pay more because the club drew Barcelona in the Champions League.

These events, coming in the wake of the Premier League's new £5 billion television deal, have galvanised fans against any rise in ticket prices, the Football Supporters' Federation CEO told the Telegraph.

"The FSF will be convening a meeting of representatives of supporters' organisations across the Premier League to discuss the next steps in the campaign. There are a number of options," Kevin Miles said.

"The Liverpool walkout very successfully highlighted the whole issue of the affordability of football and the clubs need to be made to listen."

Among the other options the groups will consider is a protest against club sponsors, who Miles said "may be more sensitive to public opinion than some intransigent club owners appear to be."