Bayern's Mats Hummels joins Juan Mata in pledging wage to charity

Bayern Munich defender Mats Hummels has joined Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata in giving part of his salary to charity.

Germany international Hummels, 28, will follow Mata in donating one percent of his wage -- around €75,000.

Earlier this month, Mata became the first footballer to join Common Goal, a collective fund that supports football charities around the world.

Mata also urged his fellow professionals to do the same, and it prompted Hummels to make the pledge after seeing the Spain international's announcement on social media.

World Cup winner Hummels said: "As soon as I heard of Common Goal I knew this was a chance for football to improve our world and I wanted to be part of it.

"I feel we could be doing more to connect the increasing revenues in football to some kind of deeper purpose.

"This is what struck me about Common Goal. Through the one percent pledge, we're building a bridge between football and its social impact around the world."

Mata, who last year branded footballers' wages "obscene," is hopeful Hummels' involvement will lead others to get on board.

He said: "I don't actually know Mats personally, so I was pleasantly surprised when he contacted me to talk Common Goal.

"He really gets what we're trying to achieve and is the perfect teammate to have at this early stage.

"The fact that a World Cup holder -- at the peak of his career with one of the biggest clubs on the planet -- has chosen to make the pledge shows the power and magic of what we're doing.

"The reception to Common Goal has been amazing so far and I have no doubt Mats' involvement will inspire more players to join."

Like Mata, Hummels has told other players to follow the example.

He added: "I believe that Common Goal can make a real and lasting impact. I'm putting the call out to all my fellow footballers -- join Juan and me and help to take the game to the next level."