Toe Poke Daily: Was this the best own goal of all-time?

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Sparta fell to a resounding 3-0 home defeat against Slavia in the big Prague derby over in the Czech top flight on Sunday.

However, the embarrassment didn't end their for Sparta midfielder Michal Sacek, who also had the misfortune to score an own-goal in the second half.

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Sparta's live updates didn't quite tell the whole story, with subsequent footage revealing that the unedifying misery didn't end there for Sacek.

Indeed, it transpired that the 23-year-old also saw the ball deflect off his backside and into his own net while he knelt helplessly on the ground.

They say bad luck comes in threes, and poor old Sacek is living testimony to that.

Top five own-goals

When it comes to ranking own-goals, the generally accepted equation is that the more hilarious you find them, the better they are.

So, to mark Sacek's exquisite bum-note, here's a quick rundown of five more undisputed classics of the genre.

Chelsea accidentally roll out massive Hazard flag

Eagle-eyed viewers might have spotted that a rather perplexing banner was displayed by Chelsea fans during Sunday's defeat to Liverpool at Stamford Bridge.

Despite leaving the club for Real Madrid several months ago, a gigantic tribute to former Blues star Eden Hazard was unfurled in the Matthew Harding stand ahead of kick-off.

Many onlookers were left confused as to the meaning of the Hazard banner, though it turns out the message wasn't quite as cryptic as first thought.

Indeed, Chelsea fan group "We Are The Shed" were able to shed some light on the situation after speculation swirled for some time on social media.

"People actually thinking the Hazard flag was used on purpose? Just an error that's all," the group explained on Twitter.

"So much work (and) effort goes into organising these things, and having so many flags it was bound to happen one day!

"Wasn't ideal but if we can't laugh at ourselves."

First rule of banner club? Always check you're rolling out the correct one.

Yeovil defender becomes Superman

Yeovil defender Luke Wilkinson endured one of the busiest halves of his football career as his side tussled to an away victory over Solihull Moors at the weekend in the National League.

Wilkinson put the Glovers ahead shortly before the hour mark though his afternoon's work was far from over.

Indeed, the centre-back subsequently suffered a nasty broken nose and then also volunteered to see out the match between the sticks after goalkeeper Liam O'Brien went off injured in the 90th minute.

Wilkinson then pulled off a last-gasp save in injury time to secure a vital 1-0 win for Yeovil, which sent them fourth in the table and took their winning streak to five games.

Not exactly what you'd call a standard day at the office. He's probably entitled to double pay after that.