Cesc Fabregas stuns Willy Caballero after losing Range Rover bet

You might win a bet against Cesc Fabregas, but everything might not be as it seems!

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Monaco midfielder Fabregas has revealed that he once lost an expensive bet against one of his Chelsea teammates, when he was playing for the West London side a few years ago. However, thanks to a bit of lateral thinking, the wager wasn't nearly as expensive as it might have been!

It all began while Fabregas was practising his penalties after training and decided to liven things up by betting that Willy Caballero wouldn't be able to save his next spot kick.

So confident was Fabregas of scoring that the Spanish midfielder promised to buy his colleague a Range Rover if he managed to keep the penalty out.

"Unfortunately for me, he [Caballero] saved it in front of the whole team so you can imagine how it went," Fabregas posted on Instagram. "I went from feeling the most confident, to feeling the most stupid guy on earth. Everybody obviously was shouting and laughing that I had to pay my debt."

However, Fabregas quickly realised that he never stipulated what condition the vehicle had to be in so, to wriggle out of shelling out £50,000 on a new model, he instead paid a visit to his local scrap yard.

"I found a destroyed Range Rover that couldn't be used at all for £950 so I said, you know what? I'll get that," Fabregas added.

He also shared a video of the moment the wrecked car was presented to Caballero, complete with scuffed paintwork and a cracked windscreen.

"The next day they brought it to the training ground and well ... the lesson of the story is: Don't bet at all at any cost!"

Never a truer word never spoken.

Milner passes time by sorting tea bags

Turns out Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain isn't the only Liverpool player who is passing his imposed down-time with a lively, energetic, tightly choreographed hobby.

In response to the Ox's brilliant synchronised dance routine with partner Perrie Edwards, the erstwhile James Milner demonstrated how he's been ticking off the days while the Premier League is suspended.

Indeed, the Reds' veteran utility man lived up to his supposed "boring" persona by sharing a video of him sat in his kitchen, rationing out his tea bags out for the rest of the week.

You just can't beat a good cup of tea, especially when there's nothing else to do.

Tyldesley commentates on wife's cooking

With no actual games on this weekend, esteemed football commentator Clive Tyldesley found a novel way to keep his voice-over skills honed.

The 65-year-old, who is a veteran of British sport, called the action as his wife prepared lasagne, keeping his viewing audience informed on the process with vital interjections about mince, garlic and red wine.

Lovely stuff, and with an opportune VAR check (over potentially overstocked onions) thrown in for good measure.

One thing's for sure: Tomato puree has never been greeted with such gusto.