Nightmare fuel or a dream kit? Reactions to Scottish side's new mascot-inspired jersey

When it comes to kits, football clubs are experimenting more with different colors and sources of inspiration. But second-tier Scottish side Partick Thistle have gone one better by basing one of their kit designs on iconic mascot, Kingsley.

The club previewed the design last month on Twitter and it's now available at Glasgow-based Greaves Sports.

What is Kingsley supposed to be, you ask? Well, that's up to interpretation, but for the mascot's creator, David Shrigley, Kingsley "represents the angst of being a football fan."

From the unibrow, to the spiky head and misshapen teeth, the bright yellow mascot is an unforgettable sight, with many fans caught between loving it or hiding behind the couch. Still, the new special edition jersey, which looks pretty normal until you get about halfway down, certainly requires some defence.

One person asked if the jersey is so bad it's good, and the official account for Kingsley replied.

If Partick Thistle were to wear this jersey during a match, perhaps the plaid patterned shorts and distinct shirt design could inspire some offensive aggression during play.

Either way, they may well be the first team to actually wear their own mascot and give their brand extra emphasis on and off the pitch.

For many collectors and kit connoisseurs, Partick Thistle offer something new and unique, and for casual fans, either nightmare fuel or a dazzling display of creativity, depending on your taste.