No, Reading's George Evans, ex-Man City player, didn't snub Rooney's shirt

Man United thrashed Reading 4-0 on Saturday in the FA Cup third round, with Wayne Rooney scoring to equal his club's all-time goal-scoring record and Marcus Rashford adding a late brace after an impressive display.

But the most entertaining moment appeared to come at full-time during the handshakes and shirt swaps. Is Reading's George Evans, who played in Man City's youth ranks from 2003-2013, really snubbing Rooney's offer of his sweaty, match-worn shirt?

It would be understandable if that were the case -- there's never an obligation to exchange kit after a game, though it might simply be that the Reading centre-back may not have been in the mood to have a memento from a 4-0 shellacking on Saturday morning television -- but Mr. Evans has since taken to Twitter himself and explained it all!

A much more reasonable explanation than was initially posited on social media: he just didn't want to do it on the pitch out of respect for any Reading fans that had been there to witness a heavy defeat.

Fair play to Evans, Rooney and the whole shirt swap shenanigan.