Arsene Wenger to quit Arsenal: Social media reaction

WATCH: Arsenal's tribute to Arsene Wenger (3:02)

Journey back in time to soak in Arsene Wenger's finest moments at Arsenal during his nearly 22-year career with the club. (3:02)

Shock waves were sent reverberating through the footballing landscape on Friday morning when Arsene Wenger confirmed that, after 22 years, he will be stepping down as Arsenal manager at the end of the season.

The reaction was immense, as people flocked to social media to express their thoughts and feelings on the sole remaining bastion of the Premier League's golden era vacating his post.

The Gunners themselves kicked things off by thanking their outbound boss while also reminding him of just how old he's become over the years with a time-lapse GIF.

Several of the Frenchman's former players lined up to express their gratitude.

There was also plenty of additional glowing testimony from prominent football figures, even from former adversaries...

Wenger's former club Monaco paid their respects with a vintage photo...

There was even a farewell message from Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party and lifelong Arsenal fanatic.

Just a sample of all the remarkable Wenger statistics that have poured out all over social media...

Why, even Arsenal Fan TV put their seemingly endless anti-Wenger diatribes aside to thank the man who has given them three league titles and a record seven FA Cups over the past two decades.

No doubt about it, the man will be missed by Arsenal fans and neutral supporters alike.