Italy fans' hilarious 'anyone but Sweden' banner for World Cup

Some Italian fans still seem a bit resentful that Sweden denied them a place at the World Cup -- and they want Swedes to know it.

A group of Canada-based Italians took out a full-page ad in a Swedish newspaper just to let readers know that they will be supporting "everyone but Sweden" at the tournament in Russia.

It seems the group, based in Montreal's Little Italy neighbourhood, still haven't quite recovered from Italy's loss to Sweden in the playoffs.

The ad, placed in a local edition of Metro, starts out by wishing Swedes a happy National Day on June 6 before taunting them over the fact that "You haven't won a World Cup in almost 100 years."

It then gets even less civil.

"[We] are writing to remind you all that you have robbed us of the joy of singing 'Forza Azzuri' and cheering on our own," it says

"Know that all our bitterness against you will be expressed in cheers for South Korea, Mexico and Germany -- your opponents in the first round -- because after those matches we're sure you won't be in the race anyway."

The ad then signs off with: "This is nothing against you ... Actually, the fact is... it's all against you!"

And to hammer home the message, the bottom of the page has a slogan saying: "Go, everyone but Sweden, Go."

Safe to say Italians know how to carry a grudge, then.