France World Cup stars 'consume 3 large blocks of cheese, 140 pots of yoghurt per day,' shopkeeper claims

France headed to Russia hoping to show they are the big cheeses of world football, but Les Bleus could see their hopes melting away like a fondue.

The reason? Cheese, at least according to the man who supplies Didier Deschamps' squad with the stuff at their training base in Istra.

Unlike its famously empty Monty Python equivalent, the local shop is well stocked, and sends three large blocks of Kolmogorovski cheese to France team chef Xavier Rousseau every day.

"They're going to get fat. I don't know why they need so much," the unnamed cheesemonger told BFMTV before revealing the squad also has a voracious appetite for yoghurt.

"They take 140 pots a day! They eat the whole day, apparently."

It would be interesting to learn how such a volume of dairy fits into the rigidly micro-managed daily regime prescribed to the squad by Gregory Dupont, a former strength and conditioning coach at Lille and Glasgow Rangers, who was hired by the French federation as head of research and performance in March.

No doubt it would fit a lot easier into the diets of some of those watching form the couch.