Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 'I could play with LeBron James without a problem'

If LeBron James needs helps with the Los Angeles Lakers this season, he needs only to call Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the LA Galaxy star says.

Ibrahimovic has scored 12 goals in 15 games since moving to MLS this year, but he talked up his skills in other sports in an appearance on ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption" on Tuesday.

The Lakers are busy filling out their NBA roster after signing James last month, and Zlatan offered his services -- even if the Swede charmingly calls the sport "basket" and used what appeared to be a French pronunciation of "Lee-Bron."

"I did a lot of sport. Everything with ball, I'm phenomenal," Ibrahimovic said. "So if I played basket, I could play with LeBron, without a problem. And if they need help, I'll help them."

Ibrahimovic welcomed James to L.A. in typical immodest fashion, writing on Twitter: "Now LA has a God and a King!" -- and the 6-foot-5 striker says he shares a lot of the same qualities as the 6-foot-8 basketball superstar.

"I think him, as an athlete, he's amazing, what's he doing, the way he's doing it," Ibrahimovic said. "Because I see myself also being so big and move like a small ninja -- what he does also."

The Lakers have long been the most popular team in Los Angeles, but Ibrahimovic said "basket" has nothing on his own sport.

"I think of course I will see him play basket," Ibrahimovic said. "I don't know if he's interested in soccer, even though soccer is bigger than basket -- with all due respect for basket."

But while Zlatan may be a fan of watching LeBron on the court, the former Manchester United star was not pleased when asked if he knew James had an ownership stake in Liverpool.

"I knew," Ibrahimovic said, shaking his head. "But it's the wrong team."