Sergio Ramos' hand on Mohamed Salah's shoulder recalls UCL final takedown

The Champions League group stage is set. While the eyes of the footballing world were transfixed on the draw to determine Europe's tastiest matchups, there was much else to catch your attention.

There were individual awards, there were interviews ... and then there was Sergio Ramos putting his hand on Mohamed Salah's shoulder. It was not terribly well-received.

Recall that three months ago, in Real Madrid's Champions League final win over Liverpool, Ramos took Salah to the ground with enough force to damage the Liverpool forward's left shoulder -- knocking him out of the final in Kiev and the first match of Egypt's World Cup campaign.

Serendipitously, Ramos was seated right behind Salah, and when Ramos returned from claiming his European Defender of the Year award, he placed his hand on Salah's left shoulder.

Grade-A trolling or a subtle reminder of his powers, Ramos grabbed hold of the spotlight on an already decadent night in Monaco.