RB Leipzig's wheel of misfortune: Players could mow pitch or train in tutu as punishment

As they continue to aspire to Bundesliga domination, RB Leipzing have concocted a novel way of keeping their squad in line.

Rather than fines, the German club have instead installed a "wheel of misfortune" to help determine any punishment that a player might incur.

The spinning wheel is the brainchild of Leipzig coach Ralf Ragnick, who installed it to cut down on transgressions such as players being late, or using their phones during training, or reporting back to training a few kilos overweight.

"Fines rarely do anything," Ragnick told Bild. "It hurts the players more, for example, if they have less free time -- like three hours of work in the fan shop."

The 12 punishments included on the wheel

1. Ball assistant: Pump up the balls, get them on the pitch, clean them -- 30 minutes per unit
2. Assistant academy coach: Train one of the academy teams on an otherwise free day -- four hours
3. Stadium tour guide: Explain locker room. etc. to participants -- one hour
4. Get lucky: No punishment
5. Greenkeeper: Mow and take care of the training pitch -- four to six hours within a training week
6. Princess: Wear a pink jersey or ballerina tutu for training -- 90 minutes
7. Barman: Mix drinks ahead of training, fill bottles with water -- 20 minutes per unit, one training week.
8. Fanshop: Work in the club shop for three hours
9. Kitchen service: Serve salads in the team cafeteria, clean the tables -- 30 minutes per day
10. Kit man: Take care of dirty jerseys, help with cleaning boots -- 30 minutes per day
11. Team bus: Pack the bus with crates and bags on day of away matches -- around 1.5 hours
12. Gifts for employees: Purchase small gifts for all of Leipzig's 60 members of staff.

Perhaps footballers don't have it quite as easy as we all like to think...