Paul Pogba's card game on a train with Man United teammates goes viral

What if your parents ended up spending a train journey with mega-famous soccer stars but had no idea who they were? Well, what follows is a beguiling yarn spun on Twitter by Nate Patrick, a FIFA 19 and E-sports commentator whose mother and father had the pleasure of bumping into a train full of Manchester United players.

To set the scene a little, Nate was obsessed with football while growing up in Australia but it's fair to suggest that his immediate family don't share his passion for the game. Anyway, this weekend Nate's parents happened to be on a train in England when they sent a message to their son on the other side of the world.

The pair had become slightly annoyed by a boisterous game of cards being played further along their carriage and then utterly bemused when one of the party came across to apologise.

You don't have to be a Hollywood script writer to guess where this particular vignette is heading.

Nate was well and truly taken aback by his father's ambivalence toward Pogba and the rest of the United squad.

(Also, that's only Nemanja Matic standing there with Pogba.)

Nate then continued to post a series of screenshots of the WhatsApp conversation he held with his parents in which he desperately attempts to convey that "the odd man with the red crocodile skin luggage" is, in fact, a fairly well-known World Cup-winning footballer.

Despite their son's vehement protestations, mum and dad remained unmoved by their brush with stardom and instead got back to the more important matter of photographing dogs.

Amazing, isn't it? Not that Nate's parents didn't recognise Pogba and his audacious luggage, but that there are still some people out there in this big, wide world whose lives aren't utterly dominated by football.

Strange folks.