Jurgen Klopp: I haven't lost my fire despite Borussia Dortmund crisis

Jurgen Klopp has told FAZ he accepts there is frustration among Borussia Dortmund supporters but remains convinced the club can still enjoy great success this season.

Dortmund have collected only one point from their last four Bundesliga games, dropping to 13th in the table, amid an injury crisis that has seen the likes of Marco Reus, Ilkay Gundogan and Henrikh Mkhitaryan out of action.

There have been some suggestions in the media that Klopp, who had led the club to back-to-back Bundesliga titles in 2011 and 2012, is no longer able to exert the same influence over his players after seven years at the helm.

He said he is aware that there has been in a change in mood recently, even among some BVB supporters.

"The discussion certainly has a taken a new tack, and sometimes I catch something of the mood -- not primarily what the journalists say but rather what the fans say," Klopp said. "I can't just act like this all happens in a vacuum.

"Personally, I am a very grateful person, but I have never expected thanks. Indeed, the discussion about me personally has a different slant. For the first time, people are not directly kicked off the fan forums when they write, 'Sack Klopp!' -- and there aren't 40 comments like, 'Are you a nutter?'

"They discuss it, and that's totally normal in that situation."

Klopp accepts some responsibility for what has happened but has every expectation he can get the team back on track.

"From me, as the coach, it is a time for some damned hard work -- it's as simple as that! We will all pull together to ensure we get out of this mess," he said. "If I had lost my belief -- which I haven't by the way -- it would be very tough to deal with the current situation.

"It is a time for proper coaching, especially at a time when things aren't quite going our way. Yes, we have made mistakes, but they weren't bad enough to lead to us having just seven points.

"I am very self-critical, and I also respect the opinions of some of my critics, but the crucial point is that I know I haven't left anything out there. I am giving my all and I haven't lost my fire or anything else for that matter."

Despite Dortmund's recent trouble, there have been promising signs. BVB had won two of their opening three matches in the league, and have won both Champions League group matches to date, including a highly impressive 2-0 victory over Arsenal.

With Mkhitaryan, Reus and Gundogan all expected to return to the squad for Saturday's trip to Cologne, Klopp is convinced the foundations are in place to kickstart the season.

"Everything is in place, then, for us to turn things around -- we just need to start that process," he said. "It could all end up as a glorious passage in our history.

"When, in 10 years' time, you look back at 2014, will you really remember what was happening? Eight players taking part in training with three youth-team players joining in. And then, in May 2015, will you still remember what was up then? Maybe, but the chance is there [to have a successful season] and that's where we are right now."