Pele hospitalised amid cancer battle; 'no emergency,' daughter says

Brazilian football legend Pele has been hospitalised as he battles cancer, his daughter said on social media on Wednesday, adding that there was "no surprise or emergency" involved.

Kely Nascimento's post to Instagram came after ESPN Brasil reported that Pele had been admitted to Albert Einstein Hospital with "generalized swelling" and was undergoing several tests for more in-depth assessment of his health issues.

"Lots of alarm in the media today concerning my dad's health. He is in the hospital regulating medication," Nascimento wrote. "There is no emergency or new dire prediction. I will be there for New Years and promise to post some pictures."

The 82-year-old had a tumor removed from his colon in September 2021 and has since been in and out of the hospital for treatment on a regular basis.

A source confirmed to ESPN Brasil that Pele was undergoing several tests for more in-depth assessment of his health issues.

Pele's manager did not immediately respond to requests for comment but the source said the medical staff reported the condition of anarsaca, generalized edema and decompensated heart failure.

A statement from Albert Einstein Hospital issued later in the day said: "Edson Arantes do Nascimento was hospitalised at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein yesterday (29) for a reevaluation of the chemotherapy treatment for the colon tumor identified in September 2021.

"After medical evaluation, the patient was taken to a common room, with no need for admission to a semi-intensive unit or ICU. The former player is in full control of vital functions and stable clinical condition."

The source also confirmed that Pele was having cardiac issues and his medical staff showed concern that his chemotherapy treatment was not having the expected results.

Widely considered one of the greatest footballers of all time, Pele has suffered from a series of health issues in recent years, including a hip surgery that left him with recurring pain and trouble walking unaided.

Brazil left-back Alex Telles had encouraging words for Pele at Wednesday's team news conference.

"He represents us everywhere in the world. I only ask God to bless his life, that he manages, more and more, with his strength, to remain strong with us."

Information from Reuters was also used in this report.