Neymar explains tears of joy after Brazil win, writing 'Talk is cheap'

Neymar wrote that "talk is cheap" but it's harder to deliver after Brazil escaped their second World Cup game with a 2-0 win over Costa Rica on Friday.

Brazil were frustrated by Los Ticos until second-half stoppage time, when Philippe Coutinho found the breakthrough and, with the pressure off, a free-wheeling Neymar added a second before the final whistle.

Neymar's relief was clear as he fell to his knees and cried into his hands. He didn't speak to reporters after the game but soon took to Instagram to explain his emotions.

"Not everyone knows what happened to me to get here," Neymar said. "Talk is cheap, even a parrot can do it, but do something... few people can do that!!

"The cry is of joy, of overcoming, of willpower and desire to win. Things have never been easy in my life, it would not be now, right!!!

"The dream continues, not the dream... the MISSION! Congratulations on the game, boys, you are the best."

Brazil coach Tite warned his country not to heap too much responsibility on Neymar's slight shoulders after the forward was often involved in discussions with the referee, frequently gesticulating and falling down when tackled.

Tite said he thought his superstar's tears were down to the huge pressure of leading the five-times world champions.

"The joy, the satisfaction, and the pride of representing the Brazilian national team is a lot," Tite told reporters. "He has the responsibility, the joy, the pressure and the courage to show it. We each show it in our own way."

"He was three and a half months out [with a foot injury] and he played the full match. He is a human being, he needs time to reach his high standards again but before that there is a team that needs to be strong and not dependent on him.

"Is he going to be back to his best? Yes, he is going to be back to his best."

Neymar earned a penalty decision in the second half, but it was chalked off after a review by the VAR system, and Tite thought it should have stood.

"When [Neymar] draws the foul he is in front of goal," Tite said. "It is clear, it is not open to interpretation, the touch robs him of the possibility of him finishing. To me it is a penalty.

"We don't need referees to win the game, we just want them to be fair. They should be fair for everyone. We don't want help, Brazil doesn't need help."

Coutinho said Brazil "deserved the win," after the Selecao were held to a 1-1 draw with Switzerland in their opening match.

"The ball came free and Gabriel shielded it well and I managed to score," he said of his breakthrough goal. "The most important thing was winning."

The man of the match added: "It was a tough game, as we expected it would be, but we were aiming for a victory from the first minute. We showed a lot of patience until the end of the game and were rewarded with those two goals.

"Costa Rica is a team with a lot of quality, strong in defence and midfield, and the most important thing for us was not giving up until the last minute. It's something the professor [Tite] always highlights -- being mentally strong until the end."