Brazilian footballer, 21, dies after being electrocuted while flying a kite

Kaio Felipe Santos Silva, a 21-year-old left-back with Independente de Limeira, has died after he was electrocuted when a kite he was flying hit electrical power lines.

The incident happened at the player's home in Limeira, 150 kilometers from Brazil's capital Sao Paulo.

The second division club confirmed the defender's death on their Facebook page.

"With great sympathy Independente mourns the death of our player Kaio Felipe and send condolences to family and friends at this time," the post said.

Silva had played with Independente since 2017. During the 2019-20 season he scored six goals in 22 matches.

Previously, he played with El Centro Sportivo Paraibano.

Inter de Limeira, Independente's local rival, also expressed their condolences to the club and player's family on Instagram.

"AAA Internacional joins in solidarity with family and friends at this sad moment. Our sympathies," they said.