Cesc Fabregas praises Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho's tactics

Cesc Fabregas has hailed the ability of Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho to read games and quickly make the changes his side needs.

Fabregas opted to play under Jose Mourinho when he left Barcelona this summer, despite the enmity between the former Real Madrid coach and the Catalan club, and the midfielder's move is still being digested by many in Spain.

Asked about the decision, Cesc told Radio Marca that such transfers often happen in football, and that he had already been very impressed with the way Mourinho could pinpoint and fix problems during games.

"That is football, and in the end I wanted what was best for me," Fabregas said. "Mourinho reads the games very well, above all during half-time. Everything we are doing badly, he nails."

The 27-year-old rejected a reporter's suggestion that his time under Pep Guardiola at Barca had been less positive, denying that he felt "tricked or disappointed" at not being given enough opportunities after he had returned to the Camp Nou from Arsenal in 2011.

"I will leave it at saying those were three very good years for me," he said. "Happy -- nothing else. I had expectations that ended up as something else. Life is reality. I do not feel tricked or disappointed by Guardiola. I do not expect anything from anyone in football."

Former Sevilla playmaker Ivan Rakitic is currently getting a chance to play regularly in central midfield for Barca under new coach Luis Enrique, but Fabregas said he was not concerned about comparisons with the Croatian.

"I do not know if they like [Rakitic] more than me," he said. "He is a great player. It does not worry me too much that they compare me with him. Barca is a very demanding club."