Mourinho on fair play delegates: 'I don't think they see the games'

Jose Mourinho has poked fun at the fair play match delegates who have ruled his players the worst behaved in the Premier League. Convinced they are too busy eating instead of watching his side's matches, the Chelsea boss quipped that next season's Stamford Bridge catering will be downgraded to "bread and water."

The Premier League leaders, who play Manchester United on Saturday, have been criticised for hounding match officials this season, with official figures reporting the Blues to be serial offenders.

"It depends on the food and the drinks," Mourinho said.

"We have to change the catering because many, many times I think they don't see the games. Really.

"We have the best catering and the best drink. I think they stay eating and drinking."

Mourinho was fined by the Football Association after complaining of a "clear campaign" against Chelsea in December and has had reason for his discontent to heighten this season.

Nemanja Matic was sent off against Burnley following his reaction to an Ashley Barnes challenge and subsequently banned -- rather than reprieved - and Mourinho suggested the match delegate was enjoying Chelsea's hospitality.

"The only one I met," Mourinho said, "was the phenomenal guy who made the report on the Matic situation.

"And that one, for sure, had sushi, lobster ... everything. He had everything. Champagne of high quality. Cristal. Everything."

Mourinho again defended his players' conduct.

"It's not true," he said.

"I know that a lie repeated and repeated, there is a risk for it to become true in people's eyes. But I always disagree with that.

"I think a lie is a lie. No problem."