Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho: 'Campaign' is not a nice word

LONDON -- Jose Mourinho suggested he may have gone too far in claiming there was a "campaign" against Chelsea this season.

The Chelsea manager lambasted referees in December and said he felt there was a campaign to influence decisions against his team.

He also blamed Sky Sports pundits when Diego Costa received a retrospective three-man ban for stamping in Chelsea's Capital One Cup semifinal success over Liverpool in January.

In February, he made an appearance on Sky Sports' "Goals on Sunday" programme in which he spoke out about the decisions that went against his side during a 1-1 draw at home to Burnley and continued his complaints over the Costa incident.

Asked whether he regretted the "campaign" remark at his news conference on Friday, Mourinho said: "I'm not the kind of person to regret. What you did, you did. What happened, happened. You cannot change things. Time does not go back.

"We had lots of mistakes against us, that's the reality, but that's football. Maybe 'campaign' is not a nice word. Maybe I would take that word out from my explanation and my comments, but that's the reality.

"We had very bad decisions over a big period of time -- but I also made bad decisions, no problem."

Chelsea host Sunderland on Sunday in their final game of the season, with Petr Cech potentially making his final appearance for the club.

The long-serving goalkeeper has said he does not want to spend another season as Thibaut Courtois' backup and his agent has said the 33-year-old would be keen to join Arsenal, Manchester United or Paris Saint-Germain.

Mourinho has previously said that, if Cech were to leave, he would prefer that he did not join a Premier League rival.

However, the Blues boss said on Friday: "I would like him to stay. I have no preferences in [the] case he leaves."

Chelsea lost their last game 3-0 at West Bromwich Albion, and Mourinho -- who may be without Eden Hazard on Sunday -- is looking to bounce back and end the season on a high.

"When you reach the objective it's hard to keep them in this level, competitive animals," Mourinho said. "It's a bit like predators. When they hunt, after that the predators relax a little bit.

"The guys are going to try to do everything to win the match."

Information from the Press Association was used in this report.