Chelsea's Conte feels 'ashamed' at times after seeing replays of antics

Antonio Conte's sideline antics with Chelsea are something that he sometimes feels ashamed of, admitted the former Juventus and Italy manager.

Conte, 47, has worn his heart on his sleeve at times in his opening season as Chelsea boss, showing great passion on the sidelines and riling up the Stamford Bridge faithful in doing so.

The latest incident came on Feb. 4, following a wonderful solo goal from Eden Hazard that saw Conte leap into the crowd by his technical area during Chelsea's 3-1 win against Arsenal.

Conte said: "It's not easy for me to see me in this situation because I don't like to see myself again after the game [in replays].It is not because I have a strange attitude or strange behaviours but because I don't like to see it. Sometimes I'm a bit ashamed to show all this passion.

"It's my enthusiasm. I live the game in this way and not only in England. If you remember during the Euros, if you remember in my past with Juventus, when I started my career, I live the game with great passion and enthusiasm."

However, Conte said he can't hide his passion and that his employers should be more concerned if they saw his sitting idly in the dugout in moments when he should be excited for his team and players.

He said: "Sometimes when you feel that there is a particular moment of the season or to celebrate a goal, it's very difficult for me to keep this passion [hidden].

"Everyone has their own style. But I think that... I have great passion for football. In the moment you see me, that I stay seated, you must be worried.

"Above all my club must be worried, because I think I finished my passion."

In a season which has seen Premier League bosses scrutinised and at times banned for abusing officials, Conte's passion has remained under control and within certain boundaries.

"It's always important to have great respect for the fourth official, for the referee, for the opponents, for the other manager," Conte said.

"It's important to have good enthusiasm, good passion and to transfer this passion only in the right way to your players, your staff, your fans."

Information from Press Association Sport was used in this story.