Jorge Sampaoli: 'It appears that I will not be Chilean coach anymore'

Jorge Sampaoli has confirmed he no longer wants to coach the Chilean national team, but says the details of his exit clause are delaying his official departure.

Former Universidad de Chile boss Sampaoli had caused a stir on Monday by claiming he was being held "like a hostage, against my will," and that he "would not want to work or live in the country," setting off speculation that he would resign as manager.

The 2015 Copa America winner addressed those comments in a news conference earlier on Wednesday, insisting rumours of him wanting out were untrue.

However hours after saying he wanted to stay, Sampaoli made a U-turn, confirming in a follow-up interview with Fox Sports that he indeed wants out as Chile coach.

"It appears that I will not be Chilean coach anymore," Sampaoli told Fox on Wednesday night.

"I hope I can persuade [Football Federation of Chile president Arturo] Salah so he can understand my point.

"It is impossible for me to pay the clause."

The 55-year-old insisted his position with the national team was untenable, and that he explained his situation to Salah.

Added Sampaoli: "I have explained to Salah that the conditions are not suitable for me to stay as Chilean coach."

Earlier in the day, Sampaoli defiantly stated his intention to remain with the team, blaming "malicious people" who wanted to see him out as manager for stirring up controversy.

"I think that Chilean society has to know the truth," Sampaoli said.

"It is not true I do not want to live or work in Chile ... I experienced unforgettable moments [here] ... and [I] plan to continue living in Santiago.

"My contract was leaked and my confidentiality violated to damage my image and that of the country. It is speculated that [I] had accounts with tax havens and [that] made me look like a person who evaded taxes, but official bodies publicly [denied] this information.

"All this has affected me too. I'm part of a successful process, not an idol, but a party that delivered the best [results] to create ... joy [for] the country.

"I want to say that this situation was not created by me, but by malicious people who want me out of the [national team set-up]. They tried to harm me and the country."