Copa America Centenario confirms rules, formatting ahead of start

Expect no rule changes at the Copa America Centenario in relation to past Copa tournaments.

The competition confirmed its official rules on Wednesday, which include regulations for extra time, information on tiebreakers and formatting stipulations.

Perhaps most importantly for the uninitiated is the extra time procedure. Until the final, games in the knockout stage of the competition will go straight to penalty kicks after 90 minutes. In the final, teams will play two 15-minute periods before heading to penalties.

Tiebreakers will first be decided on goal difference, which is the number of goals a team scores subtracted by the number they allow. The second tiebreaker will be is goals scored. The third will be head-to-head results. And if still tied then lots will be drawn.

If a player receives two separate yellow cards through the group stage or the quarterfinals he will be suspended for the following game. Yellow cards, however, will be wiped clean after the quarterfinal stage and any remaining yellow cards will not carry over.

The tournament will consist of 16 teams divided into four groups of four. Teams will play one game against each group opponent. The teams who finish in the top two places will then go on to the quarterfinal stage, which is single elimination.

The Copa America Centenario will take place from June 3-26 in various cities throughout the United States.