Dunga says 'everyone saw' Ruidiaz's handball on Peru winner vs. Brazil

Brazil manager Dunga has said that "everyone saw" that Peru's game-winning goal was a handball in his team's 1-0 Copa America defeat, while adding he did not fear being sacked as his national team's boss.

In the 75th minute, Raul Ruidiaz appeared to swat a ball crossed into the box past Brazil goalkeeper Alisson and into the goal. Brazil players protested, but after consulting with the fourth official, referee Andres Cunha allowed the goal.

The 1-0 result eliminated Brazil from the Copa America ahead of the quarterfinal round and was the first time Peru have beaten the Selecao since 1985. The result also puts Dunga under further pressure to keep his job as Brazil manager.

"Everyone saw what happened today. There's nothing to do. If you do not have images, all work can be [thrown] off," Dunga said through a translator. "We cannot change what everyone saw. The imponderable, there's nothing we can do.

"It was a very disputed game. We dominated the first half, while in the second half, at the end, what happened is independent of the coach and the players."

Dunga later added: "My question is, despite all the technology, we still make mistakes. The refs consulted. They were talking to somewhere else when they should be talking to each other. I don't understand why they had to be on the headset to consult. This is very strange."

When asked if he was scared of being fired, the Brazil manager shot back: "The only thing I fear is death, I don't fear the rest. After the 2014 World Cup we had a remaking, we praised Germany for the years of work and in Brazil we want to solve all the problems in an easy way.

"We have to be patient, we have to persist with the awareness of what we are doing. The president knows what we are doing, how we are working. We also know how the position is exposed to criticism."

Dunga's team needed a draw or a win vs. Peru to win Group B, but the loss sends them packing and leaves Peru as group winners with Ecuador finishing second.

The win was just Peru's fourth against their neighbouring football giants.

With a Copa America win no longer a possibility, Dunga and Brazil will turn their attention to the Olympics tournament, which will be held in Rio and will see Neymar take the field for the Selecao after skipping the Copa.

"No doubt for the gold medal we are going to have pressure, Brazil have never won it before," Dunga said. "But fans saw this game, they saw how we played, especially in the first half, and they saw how Brazil were eliminated, not by football itself. Brazil have never been eliminated before with a goal scored with a hand. That was clear."