Eintracht Frankfurt's Guillermo Varela hits back over tattoo suspension

Guillermo Varela has hit back at Eintracht Frankfurt after he was suspended and fined by the club for getting a tattoo against the coach's wishes.

Frankfurt said on Wednesday that the 24-year-old Varela defied Niko Kovac on Monday when he got a tattoo that became infected.

He played in the side's last four league games and was likely to feature on Saturday in the DFB Pokal final before he got the infection.

Varela, who is on loan at Frankfurt from Manchester United until the end of the season, told Sueddeutsche Zeitung: "I've been nailed to the cross as if I'd violently attacked the coach or done something else."

The on-loan Manchester United defender added that he is not the only Frankfurt player to have got a tattoo before the final and that his name has been "besmirched."

He said: "I wonder what Real Madrid would have to do with Sergio Ramos. He gets tattooed every week. I can't explain why I've been punished so hard."

Varela said he would "never do anything to harm my team."