Wayne Rooney doesn't expect Man United scoring record to be broken

Wayne Rooney has said Manchester United would have to sign Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo for his record as the club's all-time top scorer to be broken.

Rooney, 31, left United for Everton this summer after 13 seasons at the club and said players don't stay in one place long enough for records like his to be broken very often.

He said: "You never know, if they get someone like Messi or Ronaldo the record might get broken!

"But I think that in football now, players don't really tend to stay at clubs for that long. The only way I can see it being broken is if someone stays for the same period of time that I did.

"It is fantastic to have left that mark behind. It is a great legacy to have left. I left United with great memories. It was a successful time for the club and it was great for me.

"I loved it there. I loved working with the players but it was the right time for me to move on and I feel I have certainly made the right decision in coming here."

Rooney broke Sir Bobby Charlton's record at United with a late equaliser against Stoke in January this year and will make his second Premier League debut for Everton against the same club when the Premier League season starts next weekend.

"To score that goal against Stoke for United last season was a highlight for me because of what it meant," he added. "It was a huge moment for me as a player.

"Winning the trophies was great, but it was tough at times because I didn't feel like I was part of winning the League Cup and Europa League.

"But it was a special moment to beat Sir Bobby. It was a proud moment.

"Obviously the first game back against Stoke will be an emotional and special day for me, but you have to put that aside once you are on the pitch and get out there and play.

"Before every game there are nerves but once you are out there they go out of your head. Hopefully we will get a win and I will try to get a goal. That would be perfect."