Tottenham's Mauricio Pochettino has 'worst feeling' since being at the club despite record start

Mauricio Pochettino has said his mood is the worst it has ever been during his time at Tottenham, even though the club has made its best ever start to a Premier League campaign.

Spurs are just five points off the top of the table with a game in hand and would move above reigning champions Manchester City if they beat them at Wembley on Monday.

But Pochettino said that he is feeling worse than ever since he has been at the club.

"It's strange because my feeling is the worst feeling I've had in the four a half years that I've been here," he said. "It's the worst, my feeling, but it's the best start ever for the club in the Premier League. It's so strange, no? I think in the past I felt better.

"I don't know why, it's so difficult to explain -- [it's] because of the circumstances, because many things happen, because we're disappointed that we're still waiting for the new stadium when the expectation was to be there from the beginning of the season.

"Many things happened in the summer, there are many things that make myself not in my best mood or humour. I know I've always been funny with you and I have a good relationship with you but my feeling is not the best. I had better feelings in previous seasons."

Tottenham announced on Friday that their new stadium will not be ready until 2019, and Pochettino said the project has taken attention and resources away from first-team affairs, making it harder to compete with teams like Man City.

"With the circumstance that happened in the last years, I think the club is not focused completely on winning titles or games," he said. "We have a lot of focuses and you know very well that when you are competing with sides like we are in the Champions League and Premier League, the most important thing is to fight in the same conditions as others.

"Today, we spend a lot of energy on many things. One is to win games, but it's not the priority. For us [as a coaching staff], yes. But the club need to be all focused on trying to win titles.

"I don't have the answer about how we are going to act when we move there [to the new stadium] -- that question is not for me.

"But it's easy to see in the last few years how we act in the [transfer] market, how we act in everything, and how the other teams were acting. That's the difference.

"Maybe when we arrive to the new stadium in the future we will be in the same project, or we are going to act the same as other teams, like Liverpool, City, United, Chelsea and Arsenal.

"That is my wish and I hope for the club, for the fans, for everyone, to be available to fight in the same condition as the other clubs. You will only really know if you are good enough or not when you fight with the same conditions.

"If not, it's too difficult to see. Only you are good because you are competing in the last few years, and the frustration is massive because [despite having] less in every single aspect, you are there, but it's not enough to win or achieve the level that you want."

Pep Guardiola's Man City side beat Spurs in both of last season's meetings, with an aggregate score of 7-2, but Pochettino is still glad to have him in the Premier League.

"To be honest, I always enjoyed watching Barcelona under Guardiola, and Bayern Munich, and now Guardiola at Manchester City -- the first season when they didn't win, and now they are winning," he said. "For me, he's one of the best managers and I admire him a lot.

"My feeling is the opposite [to what you might think]. I'm so happy that he's here and we can challenge him, sometimes enjoy him and sometimes suffer.

"I'm very glad to have him, Mourinho, Klopp, Emery and now Sarri. It's so exciting to face the best managers in the world."