After stunning Lionel Messi and Argentina, could Saudi Arabia do it again against Robert Lewandowski and Poland?

Following their stunning 2-1 win over Argentina in their 2022 FIFA World Cup opener, Saudi Arabia will be looking to spring another upset in Group C against Poland on Saturday. DiaEsportivo/Actionplus/Icon Sportswire

DOHA, Qatar -- It is safe to say most have not quite gotten over the biggest upset of the 2022 FIFA World Cup so far.

But four days after they claimed a stunning victory over Argentina, despite falling behind to a first-half penalty from a certain Lionel Messi, could Saudi Arabia do it all over again?

This time against another formidable opposition team in Robert Lewandowski and Poland?

Whatever you turn to -- be it the form guide, the bookmakers' odds or even just common sense -- they couldn't, could they?

It is improbable.

The Green Falcons did expend a tremendous amount of energy to get over the line against Argentina, refusing to run out of steam even towards the end of the 90 minutes and leaving Messi and company completely confounded.

After the euphoria of such a monumental result, there is almost always going to be a dip. Perhaps the slightest bit of complacency creeping in, or just the struggle to find the same amount of motivation for a second match running.

As much as Saudi Arabia coach Herve Renard, who went viral on social media with his inspirational halftime team talk in the game against Argentina, will strive to ensure that does not happen, there is a chance it could.

Yet, as improbable as a second stunning upset in as many games is, it is not impossible.

Saudi Arabia were adventurous against Argentina. They took risks. They were living on the edge for most of the match, especially in the first half when Messi and Lautaro Martinez found their way in behind the opposition's high defensive line apparently at will.

The risk did however reap reward.

Even before they mounted their second-half fightback, the Green Falcons already looked they could cause the Argentines problems going forward.

And when their opportunities did arise, Saudi Arabia did not need a second invitation. First, though Saleh Al-Shehri's clinical equaliser and then with Salem Al-Dawsari's sublime curling winner.

On the flipside, they will no longer have the element of surprise against Poland, who will be determined to avoid the ignominy of following in Argentina's footsteps in losing to the second-lowest ranked team at the competition.

There was a chance that the Poles might not have previously been completely familiar with Al-Dawsari, Al-Shehri and Hassan Al-Tambakti. That will no longer be the case.

Still, perhaps the real beauty in Saudi Arabia's sensational upset of Argentina is the fact that they do not necessarily need to repeat the feat and beat Poland.

Especially after Poland played out a 0-0 draw with Mexico on Tuesday, even a point could be a positive enough result.

Try telling that to Renard and his Green Falcons though.

In the same way they believed they could defeat the mighty Argentina and duly did so, they will also be doing the same against Poland.

Saudi Arabia could yet make lightning strike twice at Qatar 2022.