Flamengo's Vanderlei Luxemburgo protests ban: 'I won't shut up'

Flamengo manager Vanderlei Luxemburgo covered his mouth in tape to protest the Rio de Janeiro state football federation during a Friday media session.

"I won't shut up," the former Real Madrid coach said just before fastening the gag and walking out on the gathered media.

Luxemburgo had received a two-match ban last week for stating "we need to beat up FERJ" (Rio de Janeiro's football governing body). He later criticised the organisation for being dictatorial in their attempt to censor players and coaches who spoke out against them.

Luxemburgo's offending comments came in response to the coach's displeasure with a FERJ rule that allows for each club to carry just five youth team members on their state championship squad.

As a result of the measure, Flamengo, hit hard by injury, suspension and an international call-up, were forced to play a match against Bangu last Wednesday with just two centre-backs eligible to take part.

For his comments, Luxemburgo was assessed by the Sport Court of Rio de Janeiro (TJD-RJ), but his ban, which was overturned earlier this week, was reinstated on Thursday.

The record Serie A-winning coach, who must sit out Sunday's Fla-Flu derby with eternal rivals Fluminense, maintained his defiant attitude in Friday's first contact with the media since the reconfirmation of his suspension, denouncing the body and defending his rights as a citizen.

"They won't shut me up. My movement will continue," he said. "If they wish to remove me from the league, from the Carioca [state championship], come get me. If they want to do it in an arbitrary manner without any basis, they can. I won't give my opinion anymore, but they won't shut me up. They'll only shut me up when they put this [tape] here."