Gama vs. Brasiliense match abandoned after violence between players, fans

A match in Brazil between Gama and Brasiliense had to be halted after a fight broke out between both sets of players, with the violence spilling over into the stands.

The Campeonato Candango game between the two Brazilian rivals was tied at 1-1 after 89 minutes when a melee involving players and coaching staff arose.

The brawl broke out after Brasiliense striker Nunes and Gama right-back Dudu exchanged shoves near the sideline.

Both teams could then be seen exchanging punches and kicks, before some fans reacted by invading the pitch and clashing with opposition supporters, while the violence carried on into the stands.

Referee Almir Camargo was forced to end the game and police had to intervene with pepper gas. Some fans and players were left injured as a result of the violence.

While no information has yet emerged about punishments or fines for the clubs and players, Gama said they will take all necessary steps to investigate the incident.

They say they are awaiting the report of Camargo before analysing the situation.