Bayern Munich's Dante: People belittle me after Brazil's 7-1 loss to Germany

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Bayern Munich are back on the training pitch with a big schedule coming up over the next month for the Bundesliga champions. (1:20)

Bayern Munich defender Dante has told Bild he has been treated with "less respect" since Brazil's 7-1 defeat to Germany at the World Cup and said the criticism could "destroy" his career.

Dante, 31, has been an important player for Bayern since his arrival from Borussia Monchengladbach in 2012, making 75 Bundesliga appearances in total.

This season, he has played 23 of Bayern's 28 competitive games, and the German champions have conceded just 12 goals with the Brazil centre-back on the pitch, but there has been a general feeling that he may now be past his prime.

Dante, who played the full 90 minutes of Brazil's humbling against Germany last summer, was also part of the Bayern team shocked 4-1 by Wolfsburg on Jan. 30, and the club's honorary president, Franz Beckenbauer, said in his role as a pundit for Sky that the defender played as though he were carrying a backpack, adding: "He was more alert in his first season."

Dante, who also received poor reports across much of the German media following that defeat, said he was "very, very, very, very, very, very, very disappointed" by the criticism.

"When I've played badly, criticise me," he said. "When I make mistakes, rant and rave at me. If I have been crap, I'll also say that I was crap. Rant -- any time! -- but only when it is justified. I will take full responsibility for my mistakes then.

"Ever since the 7-1 defeat against Germany in the semifinals, people belittle me. They have less respect. It is said that I only cost 4.5 million euros, joined from the 'small club' Gladbach and that I conceded seven goals at the World Cup.

"I am convinced that if I had returned as a world champion, people would judge me differently, even if I played exactly the same."

Dante said that the constant criticism could have consequences for his future.

"Nobody thinks about the fact that this might destroy my career -- that it could put me under pressure," he said. "I still have two-and-half-years on my contract. I would love to stay longer, but right now this false perception of me is taking on a life of its own."

Last month, Dante had made reference to the jokes he faces from his Bayern teammates over Germany's win.