Jurgen Klopp abandoned transfer after seeing celebration - Dortmund director

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp once decided not to sign a striker at Borussia Dortmund because he did not like the way he celebrated, according to the German club's marketing director.

Carsten Cramer, whose role involves marketing and international strategy at Dortmund, said Klopp had informed the club he wanted to sign the player but then changed his mind after seeing his reaction to a goal.

"There is a story Jurgen told me about a striker he was interested in," Cramer told MirrorFootball. "He watched him in several videos and said: 'This is a striker I want to sign.'

"Then he saw him playing and he scored a goal. He was watching how he was celebrating his goal and said: 'This is not a guy for Dortmund. He is celebrating for himself and not the club.'

"All the players know the club is the most important thing. I'm very sure that the brand philosophy was important when we hired someone like Jurgen Klopp."

Cramer also discussed Klopp's interest in signing Christian Benteke for Dortmund prior to the Belgian striker's move to Liverpool from Aston Villa last summer.

"He was so expensive, so we couldn't realise it," he said. "We were in negotiations but the transfer fee was above £20 million, which was not possible for us.

"I know Jurgen's opinion and was kind of convinced about him."

Klopp, who managed Dortmund between 2008 and 2015, won two Bundesliga titles and one DFB Pokal as well as guiding the club to the 2013 Champions League final.