Schalke top Bundesliga's list of fees paid to agents

BERLIN -- Schalke spent more on fees for players' agents than any other club in Germany over the last two transfer periods, according to figures released on Monday.

Schalke, who are are currently seventh in the Bundesliga, paid agents €16.9 million between March 15, 2015, and March 15, 2016, said the German Football Federation (DFB) and German Football League (DFL), who revealed figures for the first time to comply with new FIFA regulations.

Schalke's fees were more than Bayern Munich's €16.7m, Borussia Dortmund's €15.8m and Wolfsburg's €12.9m.

At €761,000, promoted side Darmstadt was the only top-flight club to pay out less than €1m on agent fees.

Second-tier Leipzig spent €4.2m on agents in the same period, putting them ahead of the next biggest spenders in their division, Freiburg, who paid €2.5m.

Altogether, the 18 clubs of the top two divisions spent €127.8m on agent fees over the period, an average of €7.1m per club.