Bundesliga could end VAR trial period after early problems

The head of the video assistant referee (VAR) project in Germany has suggested that "unacceptable" problems with the new technology could ultimately bring a premature end to the trial period.

The Bundesliga is one of several leagues trialling the system this season, but major technical problems have overshadowed its arrival.

On Saturday, video officials were unable to contact their counterparts on the pitch during some games, and the lines used to help with offside decisions were not available at any of the matches.

VAR project head Hellmut Krug, a former referee, said he is already running out of patience after problems with the calibrated auxiliary lines also already occurred at the German Super Cup in early August.

"We can't go on like this week in, week out," Krug told Sky. "It's unacceptable, especially for the referees. If it continues like this, we have to think of something else."

Krug echoed a statement released by the German Football League at the weekend, which also deemed the ongoing problems "unacceptable."

He added that "many things are conceivable" if the problems cannot be solved.

"You could go back to the old way without VAR or look at a van solution like in Italy," Krug said.

In Germany, the VARs are based in a centralised Reply Centre in Cologne, whereas their Italian counterparts operate out of a broadcasting van near the stadium.