WWE wrestler Tim Wiese ready for minor league football comeback

Goalkeeper turned WWE wrestler Tim Wiese is set to make his football comeback with minor league club SSV Dillingen at the weekend.

Last November, the 35-year-old former Germany international won on his WWE debut in Munich, almost three years after his last Bundesliga appearance for Hoffenheim.

Despite claiming that he became a wrestler because he "no longer cares" about football, Wiese is ready to return against TSV Haunsheim.

With his wrestling career as "The Machine" on hold for now, Wiese elaborated on his comeback at a pharmacy in Dillingen.

"Minor league is football, like every other football too. Bundesliga, minor league -- it's all the same," he said.

"I played in the Bundesliga, played for Germany, I don't have to be afraid of the minor league.

"Goalkeeping is like cycling. You never unlearn it. I think the muscles in my legs make me jump higher than in the past."

Wiese encouraged Haunsheim players keen to score against him to try and dribble past him.

"They should just come to me so I can get the ball and the opponent at the same time. They should seek one-on-one situations."