Hungary midfielder Zoltan Gera: Gabor Kiraly getting better with age

BORDEAUX, France -- Zoltan Gera says veteran Hungary goalkeeper Gabor Kiraly is getting better with age after the former Crystal Palace man starred in Tuesday's 2-0 defeat of Austria at Euro 2016.

Former West Bromwich Albion midfielder Gera, 37, paid tribute to Szombathelyi Haladas keeper Kiraly, who became the oldest player in tournament history at 40 years and 75 days old.

"I think he is older and wiser, has more experience now, but he's still sharp and quick and has a couple more years to go," Gera told reporters.

"You can see he is such a charismatic player. When you see him in your team you have no fear, because you know he will do his best all the time. I love playing with Gabor."

Kiraly has become a social media cult hero for his insistence on playing in tracksuit-bottom trousers, just as he did when playing for five English clubs -- Palace, West Ham, Aston Villa, Burnley and Fulham.

He left the last of those last summer and now plays for hometown club Haladas, where he started his career.

"He will be sleeping in those pyjamas now," Gera said. "He has other superstitions. He always wears a black basketball shirt [under his top], a No. 13 with a tiger on it -- you can imagine what it is like when it is 40 degrees, the sweat!"

Second-half goals from Adam Szalai and Zoltan Stieber were enough to beat neighbours Austria in a match where Hungary had very much begun as second favourites.

"It's a great start, and if we don't lose to Iceland we have a real chance to go through," Gera said.

"But we are not finished yet, we have to keep going, keep pushing, and hopefully we can win against Iceland."

Hungary will meet Iceland, who drew 1-1 with Portugal.

Szalai had not scored a goal all season for club or country, and ended a barren run of 41 games with his opener in Bordeaux.

"He was under pressure the last few months and he had a very difficult period in his career," Gera said of the Hannover striker.

"Everybody said before the game that he would score, and even at half-time we said he would get another chance and would score, so the whole team were behind him."