Serie A clubs back new TV deal

The Italian Lega Serie A has reached agreement with its 20 clubs over a TV rights package with broadcasters Sky Italia and Mediaset.

The new deal is worth 943 million euros a season -- an increase of over 100 million euros on the previous three years -- and runs from 2015.

Only Fiorentina abstained from a vote to accept the package, which will see Sky continue to show every game in Italy's top flight between 2015 and 2018 on satellite.

Mediaset, meanwhile, will show all matches involving Inter Milan, Juventus, AC Milan and Napoli, as well as a further four clubs, on digital terrestrial platforms.

Once the rights to highlights and international broadcasting packages are sold, more than one billion euros should be distributed among Italy's top-flight clubs.

La Gazzetta dello Sport predicted that champions Juventus could expect to earn 122.8 million euros per year -- up from 91.3 million received last season.

The smallest slice of the revenue cake would still be worth 26.5 million euros, compared with the 20.8 million earned by Sassuolo last season.

The Lega Serie A divides the revenue, with 40 per cent shared equally among all 20 clubs, 30 per cent based on clubs' appeal and a further 30 per cent on the position in the previous season, the previous five years and historic classifications.

The Deloitte Annual Review of Football Finance 2013 said Italian clubs remained the most heavily reliant on broadcasting revenue, which accounts for 59 per cent of total revenues.