Francesco Totti hints at bias after Juventus beat Roma in thriller

Roma skipper Francesco Totti has indicated that he believes Italian match officials are biased towards Juventus, saying: "In the end, come what may, they always win."

Speaking after his side had lost 3-2 at Juve, ending their unbeaten Serie A record, Totti said the match had hinged on three key decisions -- and "all of them were wrong."

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With question marks over the home team's goals, two of which came from the spot, Totti told Sky Sport Italia: "They should make a league just for them because in the end, come what may, they always win.

"I'm feeling pretty down. We weren't beaten by Juve. These things have been going on for years, and they continue to determine how seasons go.

"Three incidents determined this game, and all three of them were wrong. We can do what we want -- in the end we're only going to finish second. I don't need to say any more otherwise I'll get banned. But the pictures do all the talking.

"You say there is a doubt as to whether the foul on [Paul] Pogba was inside or outside the area. Well, if there is ever any doubt here, there's actually no doubt -- it's a penalty for Juve. It's not only me, the whole of Italy sees the same thing."

But Juventus general manager Beppe Marotta was quick to hit back at the Roma captain's claims.

"I've got a great deal of respect for champions like him and I understand his disappointment -- but what he has said is unacceptable," Marotta told reporters.

"I think it's fair for me to underline that this was a deserved win for Juventus.

"The [first] penalty may have been dubious, but when it happened I remembered back to 2010 in another Juventus-Roma when we were 1-0 up and a Totti free-kick hit [Simone] Pepe in exactly the same way. The referee gave them a penalty and it ended 1-1.

"So I think it's small-minded to judge the game only on these incidents. They even themselves out over the course of a season. Obviously when you are not satisfied with the points you've got, you get disappointed and angry -- but I feel the need to point out that Juventus have not robbed them of anything."

But Roma coach Rudi Garcia left no doubt about his scepticism when he told Sky Italia: "It's a pity that the penalty areas are 19 yards here."

However, he added that his players also had themselves to blame for failing to get anything from the match, adding: "It was our own fault that we lost, because we didn't score when we had three big chances and then we conceded from three set pieces.

"We showed great personality but I think we could have done better, not just in terms of the result but in terms of the way we played."