Italy's Antonio Conte says match-fixing case left 'lasting scar on my life'

FLORENCE, Italy -- Two days after being cleared of match-fixing, Italy coach Antonio Conte said the case has left "a lasting scar" on his life.

The future Chelsea manager had been accused of failing to report knowledge of attempted fixing at Siena in 2011.

"An acquittal doesn't erase what happened over the last four years from my memory -- having my home searched at 5 in the morning, TV reporters waiting outside my home at 6, the big newspaper headlines, all the people rushing to judgment," Conte said at the opening of Italy's training camp on Wednesday.

"There were a lot of situations that hurt me and my family and I can't forget that," Conte added. "These are things which have left a lasting scar on my life."

Prosecutor Roberto Di Martino had requested a suspended six-month sentence and a fine of €8,000 for Conte. But Judge Pierpaolo Beluzzi said there was no evidence to show that Conte, who has always denied wrongdoing, had been aware of illegal activity.

The 46-year-old Conte asked for an expedited trial in order to have a decision before the start of next month's European Championship. After Euro 2016, Conte will take over at Chelsea.

"Those who know me know that I only try to do one thing at a time," Conte said when asked how he has been dealing with all of his responsibilities.

The match under investigation was Siena's 1-0 win at Albinoleffe in May 2011. Siena's 2-2 draw at Novara, also in May 2011, was dropped from the inquiry.

Conte served a four-month ban during the 2012-13 season -- when he was at Juventus -- for failing to report fixing at Siena.