Italy's Ventura: Everything in place for Azzurri to have strong future

Italy boss Giampiero Ventura believes his side have a bright future ahead after their 2-0 victory over Albania in World Cup qualifying on Friday.

Goals from Daniele De Rossi and Ciro Immobile in goalkeeper Gianluigi's Buffon's 1,000th career match helped the Azzurri easily overcome the Albanians.

And Ventura was pleased with the effort on the day, telling Rai Sport: "At the start there was some desire to do a bit too much and not the right fluidity. Aside from that chance after 30 seconds, Albania didn't have another shot anywhere near Gigi Buffon's goal.

"We risked practically nothing at the back, but were always dangerous in their box."

The result helped Italy keep pace in Group G with co-leaders Spain.

Ventura added: "We are a pretty new group, we took a small step forward tonight and it might not be an extraordinary performance, but we've got what it takes to make this a wonderful Italy squad.

"We are starting the work here. Those who didn't play today, will play tomorrow or the day after. There are many young and new players who are gaining experience and we've got everything in place to have a strong future for the Azzurri.

"When everyone is relaxed enough to do what they know how, then we can really get some fluid performances. Marco Verratti can be more consistent over 90 minutes, but we can all do better. When they realise what they can achieve, there will be a new world ahead of them."

Goalscorer De Rossi was proud of his goal on the day and saved special praise for midfield partner Verratti after the victory.

"It's a happy coincidence, I've scored in all but one of my Italy games in Palermo," he told Rai Sport.

"I am happy, as Palermo and its crowd deserves joy and they are always passionate. You go elsewhere and there is less affection or participation from the supporters."

One of the veterans on the Italy squad, De Rossi was left impressed with the talent coming behind him.

"It's good, as we're already realising there is a great squad forming here and it has already fused with the veterans," he said. "They've got a great sense of responsibility and realise what it means to represent Italy.

"It's a very positive atmosphere. I've always got along well with Verratti. It's easy to play with good teammates who know the right moment to keep the ball and when to pass it, so we're talking about one of the best. It's a pleasure to play with Verratti."

The game was halted for some time when Albania supporters threw smoke bombs onto the pitch.

"I was really upset with the throwing of the fireworks. I saw a different side to the Albanian fans, something I hadn't seen in my years here. I was struck and pained to see those scenes and I never thought I'd see that from the Albanian supporters," said Albania manager Gianni De Biasi.

"I have a great rapport with the fans, I know they always showed fair play and I don't understand what happened tonight. It's so out of character, so absurd, I can't explain it."

Asked if he would consider resigning as a protest, De Biasi added: "I don't want to say anything rushed. I'll sleep on it and talk to the President tomorrow, so we'll see what happens."