Ibrahimovic: I feel like I am being 'hunted'

LA Galaxy forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic said he feels like he is "hunted" despite escaping punishment for a clash with LAFC's Mohamed El-Munir, which left the player needing surgery.

Ibrahimovic was given a formal warning but escaped sanction from Major League Soccer after elbowing El-Munir in the Los Angeles derby on Friday, which the Galaxy won 3-2.

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El-Munir needed surgery after the incident which led to a fracture, but Ibrahimovic was not carded.

"I feel like I am hunted," Ibrahimovic said. "But when you are the best, you're hunted."

He added: "That I feel a little bit hunted in that way, that is not OK, because I play my game and I need to feel free in my game and not feel after the game [that] people will look at me and look [at the] detail at everything I do.

"Because that is not part of the game. We have a referee, the referee does his thing. If it goes beyond that, I understand, we have this Disciplinary Committee, but [what is] worse than [being] reviewed every game?

"I'm professional like everybody else. I should get treated like everybody else. If they cannot stop you on the field, that's it, you cannot do nothing about it.

"And if you try to do something outside [the field], that for me is not part of the game. That is not professional."