Liverpool's Emre Can: Jurgen Klopp gives us belief we can follow Dortmund

Emre Can believes Jurgen Klopp can turn Liverpool into the new Borussia Dortmund with his unique coaching methods.

Klopp joined Liverpool during the international break following the sacking of Brendan Rodgers, and led his new club to a 0-0 draw at Tottenham on Saturday in his first game in charge.

Germany international Can, 21, thinks the former Borussia Dortmund boss -- who won back-to-back Bundesliga titles and reached the 2013 Champions League final with BVB -- is the right man to revive the Anfield squad.

"You could already see his handwriting," Can told Sport Bild about Klopp's first match in charge. "He has been very successful with his philosophy at Dortmund, and that's why it's not unusual that he wants to implement [it] at Liverpool."

The former Bayer Leverkusen player believes Klopp has the right players for his idea of playing football on Merseyside, and said: "Playing against the ball is very, very important for the coach. We've got all the freedom when in possession, and should use it with a passing game."

During his time at Dortmund, Klopp was sometimes dubbed a "Menschenfanger" -- a fisher of men -- and during his Liverpool unveiling a fortnight ago he did exactly that, according to Can.

"I think he put it right when he said during his unveiling that we shall no longer doubt, and [instead] believe in ourselves," the midfielder said. "Many players doubted our options. We did not have enough confidence in the last weeks.

"We need to return to the point where everybody believes in this team. Jurgen Klopp hands us back this belief in our strengths.

"We shall not doubt, but believe that we can achieve everything. We have a lot of quality in our squad. And that's why Klopp was dead-on.

"He knows the situation, because it was similar during his early days at Dortmund. Now it has to be our goal to win trophies just like Dortmund."

Can also highlighted Klopp's individuality, telling Liverpool's official website: "He's completely different from other coaches. He is more emotional and he'll put his arm round you.

"That's the way he is and I don't think anything will change regardless of whether he's in Germany or here in England. I think all coaches have their own way of doing things.

"I definitely enjoy working with a coach like that. He likes to come onto the pitch in training and show you how you can do something better. He is always keen to help and I find that very positive. I like the way he works and it suits me down to the ground."

Liverpool became the first team to outrun Spurs in the league this season on Saturday, with a combined 116 kilometres covered by Klopp's side at White Hart Lane.

Of Klopp's famous "Gegenpressing" tactical approach, Can added: "When you play football, you have to do a lot of running. You have to put in more sprints and the stats show we ran further and did more sprints.

"We have to learn how to deal with that and divide it up during games. We'll do that from now on and we haven't got a problem with that because all the players have the necessary fitness levels.

"I think we'll want to keep playing football this way. We want to be able to press in every game and not just in one match because there's a new coach. Of course, everybody might have put in a bit more because there was a new coach and you want to show what you can do.

"But the aim for the team must be to give 100 percent every game and do what the coach asks of us. We know we've got more quality and it's up to us to create more chances to put us in a position to score more goals."