Liverpool revival 'hard' without Barcelona, Bayern players - Klopp

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has said he knew the task of getting his new club on Merseyside on track would be "a hard job," while adding that is why he took position in the first place.

In his first two matches as manager, Klopp and Liverpool have earned draws with Tottenham in the Premier League and another against Rubin Kazan in the Europa League on Thursday.

Liverpool play their first Premier League match under Klopp at Anfield on Sunday against Ronald Koeman's Southampton. The Dutch boss has urged patience for Klopp, saying he will need time to adjust to the league and life at Liverpool.

With expectations for the team under Klopp high, the former Borussia Dortmund manager urged patience amid "problems" that the club are facing in quotes appearing in the Daily Mirror.

"You all know that football is not the game where you can have the genius plan without Barcelona or Bayern Munich players," Klopp said. "Against Kazan they made a goal, so OK, maybe one fault? Maybe a little bit more in two positions? But there are bigger mistakes in football.

"But they got the goal and it was not an enjoyable game anymore. It was like 'F---! Even when Klopp is on the side we don't win 8-0!' But that is the situation.

"It is a hard job, but I knew it would be. If I wanted it the easy way, then I would have stayed a little longer on holiday."

Klopp said he was aware of the problems he faced after taking over from Brendan Rodgers and that the Europa League draw with Kazan might help illustrate to fans that turning things around could likely take months, not days.

"I knew about the problems of course, and I know it is not easy to do the right things at Liverpool in this moment, because the expectations are so big," Klopp said.

"What I felt until now is that we all cool down a bit and then we can all start. Everybody understands that it is hard work and it is a long way.

"At Dortmund in my first season, we had 15 draws. We only lost four but 15 draws and we finished sixth. So it is not easy. But we took the next step, for sure. OK, if you want the fast result then it didn't work and it didn't happen.

"But if you want development, then you can find some things that were better than last Saturday."