Steven Gerrard praises Jurgen Klopp's influence on Liverpool atmosphere

Steven Gerrard has praised Jurgen Klopp's impact at Liverpool and wishes he had the chance to play for the German.

Gerrard is back training at Melwood during the Major League Soccer off-season before returning to LA Galaxy next month.

And the former captain has felt the effects of Klopp's positive influence around the club.

Recalling a meeting with the German last month, Gerrard told the Evening Standard: "I had coffee with him and when I came out of the room I just felt happy. I felt taller. And I am not one of the players so I can only imagine what he has done to those players in the dressing room.

"The atmosphere at the club is brilliant. The players are buzzing around the training ground and there are smiles all over the place. I think he has lifted the whole place.

"He wants to be around players who are enjoying it. He does not want players to be tense, worried or concerned. He wants to take all that pressure on his shoulders.

"I love the way he handles players individually, I love the way he handles his team and I am all over his tactics. I am watching him on the outside but I also get to work with him so it is a brilliant experience for me -- as a Liverpool supporter, an ex-player, a pundit and also for my future as well. I am loving it."

Gerrard has ruled out returning to Liverpool on loan but admits the prospect of playing under Klopp is an appealing one.

The 35-year-old, who was a fan of Klopp during his Borussia Dortmund days, said: "If I was a player at Liverpool -- either a young player or one at my peak -- and Jurgen Klopp walked through the door, I would be licking my lips.

"The players should be excited. I think to myself, imagine being 25 or 26 and how happy and excited I would be to be working with him. So the players should be sitting themselves down and realising what an opportunity they have to achieve success in the next two, three, four or however many years he is here. If the players are not feeling it then there is something wrong."