Jurgen Klopp looking to test new Liverpool tactics during preseason

Jurgen Klopp says he will be using Liverpool's preseason to try to implement new tactics for the 2017-18 campaign.

Liverpool kick off their preseason on July 12 and will take in eight games in total including matches in the Premier League Asia Trophy and Audi Cup.

Klopp says he is looking forward to testing out new systems in the games in an attempt to improve his side for the upcoming season.

Asked about his aims for preseason, he told Liverpool's official website: "Tactically-wise, getting more flexible -- depending who is there and when -- and introducing different systems.

"[In 2015-16], we played most of the time kind of 4-2-3-1, [in 2016-17] most of the time 4-3-3 or 4-5-1. In our opinion, it fitted best to the players we had.

"I'm not sure which way we have to play next year, there will be a few different ones. And we'll prepare for European football also, so we need a bigger squad of course. We'll be good. I'm looking forward to it."