Jurgen Klopp will lead Liverpool to trophies - John Arne Riise

Former Liverpool defender John Arne Riise believes Jurgen Klopp's attacking brand of football will eventually pay dividends in the form of trophies.

The Champions League remains Liverpool's last chance of securing silverware this season as they are set to host Manchester City in the first leg of the quarterfinals on Wednesday.

And Riise, who won the Champions League with Liverpool in 2005, would much rather Klopp achieve success playing his way than that of Manchester United's Jose Mourinho, who has already won two cups at Old Trafford.

"When you come to a club like Liverpool, you are expected to win trophies, and Mr. Klopp knows that -- but at the same time, he needs to play the kind of football fans want to see," Riise said at an event to promote the LFC Foundation.

"If the fans turn against you then you are in trouble, but the fans love Mr. Klopp."

Riise believes managers need to win trophies to show they are making progress, but he said Klopp has already done that at Liverpool this season.

United won the League Cup and the Europa League last season, Mourinho's first with the club.

"Mourinho is doing his job," Riise said. "He is winning trophies. He wants to win games. Certain teams would rather win games than play good football or do both and Liverpool want to do both: play good football but at the same time win.

"What Mourinho is doing at United, I don't care much about, but what I think about is that Klopp does his magic and wins trophies. He will win trophies. I am sure of it. As soon as you start winning trophies, there is no way back and he is just going to keep going and going."

Liverpool advanced to the quarterfinals of the Champions League for the first time since 2009 by defeating Porto in the round of 16.

"The style of play now is amazing and they are doing well in the Champions League," Riise said. "Hopefully, next season they can get a better start in the Premier League so they can fight from the beginning."

Riise has played in his fair share of Champions League games against Premier League opponents, notably the raucous 1-0 semifinal second-leg win over Chelsea on their way to winning the competition 13 years ago.

Although the draw was one neither Liverpool nor City would have wanted, the former defender reckons it is a chance for Klopp's side to prove themselves.

"If you want to win the Champions League, you have to beat the best teams anyway," he said. "Obviously, we could have got an easier draw but it may be helpful. Liverpool players know what Anfield can do on Champions League nights [and] the City players know what Anfield can do.

"City are playing football in the Premier League I've never seen before, but these two games are totally different and anything can happen. Although City are probably favourites, I am thinking the Champions League is something special for Liverpool and it's a big chance for them to go all the way."